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Frank RannieOwner/Operator




                                                I live in Crystal Lake, IL with my wife Karen and                                                      our two beautiful daughters.  During the day I'm a                                                  stay-at-home dad.  I am lucky to be so involved                                                      with my daughters' day-to-day lives.  With                                                                the occasional ALL AGES karaoke show, I get                                                        great enjoyment out of seeing my own kids get up                                                  and sing karaoke with no fear at all!



                                                So, how did I get into karaoke?  Hmmm... Good                                                     question!  Back in late 1995 I went with some                                                          friends to a country bar in Hoffman Estates called                                                  Silver Saddle.  They had a teen night on Sunday                                                      nights and one night they had karaoke.  I got up                                                      and  sang the song "Pickup Man" by Joe Diffie.                                                      Singing gave me a great confidence boost.                                                              Shortly after, they got rid of teen night and I had to                                                wait until I was old enough to go to karaoke.  In                                                      late 1999, I met a group of people, became great                                                    friends with them, and we did karaoke up to 5 days                                                a week.  The group still sees each other on a regular basis to this date.

A question I often get...  How do you know the lyrics to so many different songs and genres?  Well... growing up I lived in a household of music lovers.  My parents constantly listened to oldies and country.  I would have to pin my love for 80's music on my older sister, Kellie.  And, my love for metal/rock/alternative  comes from my high school friends.  There is not a type of music I won't listen to, and as long as it has a good beat or great lyrics, I'm hooked.



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